About Therapy

There is an element of struggle and anxiety in life that is natural and inevitable; it is part of our being. Therapy does not offer instant solutions or ‘cures’; it doesn’t tell us what to do or how to think. Therapy can, however, really help us to achieve greater insight and understanding as to why we might be struggling with our emotions, relationships or behaviours. Through that understanding, change and growth can occur.

No matter what your background, circumstances or problems, I will provide you with a safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgemental space where we can explore together your inner conflicts and work through obstacles that might be holding you back – from being who you want to be or from living a productive and fulfilling life. It is within this collaborative, trusting relationship and through the experience of being met and understood that true healing can take place.


Call: 07725 819711

17 Gosfield Street,
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Longcroft House,
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