The following schools of thought inform my practice:

Attachment Theory – explores how the relationship we built with our primary caregivers, particularly with our mother, influences our development, our subsequent relationships and how secure we feel in the world.
Psychodynamic therapy – stresses the importance of early relationships, the role of the unconscious and how past experience shapes and influences our current thoughts and behaviours.
Existential therapy – explores the concepts of freedom and choice, and how we make meaning in our lives. It aims to help us come to terms with difficulties in our lives, both past and present.
Humanistic therapy – stresses the therapeutic relationship as a reparative opportunity for recognising our own responsibilities, and facilitating growth and change by offering an empathic, non-judgemental, honest and trustworthy experience.
I also incorporate some CBT and Mindfulness techniques into my work.

Issues I work with include…

* Abuse
* Addiction(s)
* Anger management
* Anxiety
* Bereavement
* Bipolar disorder
* Bullying
* Cancer
* Cultural Issues

* Depression
* Domestic violence
* Eating disorders
* Low self-confidence
* Low self-esteem
* Miscarriage
* Passive aggressive behaviour

* Personality disorders
* Relationship issues
* Self Harm
* Sexuality
* Spirituality
* Stress
* Suicidal thoughts
* Trauma
* Work-related stress


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